Honor McGee and Jay Lundy

We were hungry. At work, before or after a workout and when we were traveling. We needed a snack, but wanted something that wouldn’t negate the hard work we were putting in to feel like our best selves.

We could not, however, find a perfect mini-meal that would help us feel full and focused in our daily lives, plus have the added boost of building lean muscle and aiding in recovery after physical activity. We ultimately wanted something with the benefits of protein, but the premium qualities of cold-pressed juice—fresh, all natural ingredients, with aesthetically-pleasing packaging. Jay started making protein drinks for us before our wedding, which were a huge hit with friends, family and colleagues. From this, our idea to make delicious and nutritious protein snacks accessible to more people was born.

We have started with a premium organic whey 8 fl oz drink with other lines in the works— look out for our artisanal vegan drinks summer 2017!

The formula is simple. We’ve found you can perform and feel better when your snacks taste great and are nutrient-packed. At FuelGood Protein our mission is to have you fuel with purpose.